Graves Disease, Thyroid Nodules, and Natural Treatment Methods

Some people with hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease have thyroid nodules.  In most cases these are benign and cause no problems.  However, occasionally these thyroid nodules can lead to problems, and sometimes medical intervention is necessary.  But some people are told to have their nodules surgically removed, even when they aren’t causing any issues.  And most of the time this involves partial or complete removal of the thyroid gland, and so someone who has thyroid nodules should not have them removed unless absolutely necessary.

But how can you tell when it is really necessary to have surgery to remove one or more thyroid nodules?  After all, you would think that an endocrinologist would know when someone needs to have thyroid surgery.  Of course some medical doctors are more conservative than others, and so unless if it’s a medical emergency, if any doctor recommends for you to have surgery to remove one or more thyroid nodules, I advise you to at least seek a second opinion.

When it comes to receiving surgery for thyroid nodules, it really should come down to using common sense, as the following are the main reasons why someone should receive surgery:

1. When the thyroid nodule is malignant. If you have a thyroid nodule which is malignant, then this is an obvious situation where surgery probably will be required.  In most cases a partial or complete thyroidectomy will be indicated.

2. If the thyroid nodule is causing an obstruction. If the thyroid nodule is causing difficulty with breathing and/or swallowing, then this is another example when surgery might be required.  Obviously this doesn’t happen overnight, and so if someone has a thyroid nodule without these complications, one usually can do some things to help prevent an obstruction from occurring.  Sometimes taking antithyroid medication in the form of PTU or Methimazole will help the thyroid nodule from growing.  Following a natural treatment protocol might also shrink the nodule, or at least prevent it from getting larger, thereby preventing an obstruction from occurring.

3. If the thyroid nodule is causing a hyperthyroid condition. If the thyroid nodule is causing the thyroid gland to excrete an excess amount of thyroid hormone, surgery might be indicated.  Or radioactive iodine might be recommended.  On the other hand, the endocrinologist might put the person on antithyroid medication to see if that will help shrink the nodule.  Following a natural treatment protocol might be able to help as well.  While hyperthyroidism can be a serious condition, many times surgery and RAI can be avoided under these circumstances.

4. If the thyroid nodule is causing any pain or discomfort. If the nodule is causing pain, or any other type of discomfort, then surgery might be necessary.

So these are four examples of when surgery may be required for a thyroid nodule.  But unless if it is a malignancy or an obstruction where the person can’t breathe or swallow, other approaches can sometimes be taken in an attempt to avoid thyroid surgery.  And since there are risks with surgery of the thyroid gland, it makes sense to try to make this a last option if at all possible.

Can Following A Natural Treatment Protocol Shrink Thyroid Nodules?

I’ve had numerous people ask me whether following a natural treatment protocol can shrink a thyroid nodule.  One thing you should realize is that sometimes thyroid nodules will shrink on their own.  Plus, even if they don’t shrink, most of the time they don’t result in any problems which would require surgery.  With that being said, there is the potential to shrink one’s thyroid nodules when follow a natural treatment protocol.  But there is no specific supplement or herb that I know of which shrinks these nodules.

Plus, if you have a serious obstruction, one thing to keep in mind is that even if following a natural treatment protocol does help to shrink your thyroid nodules, this will take some time to accomplish.  So if it’s an emergency situation, then following a natural treatment protocol probably isn’t your best option.  While I recommend for people to give natural treatment methods a try whenever possible, there are times when conventional medical treatment needs to be the first option.  Fortunately this represents the minority of cases of hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease.  But there are times when following a natural treatment protocol IS NOT the best option.

In summary, if you have one or more thyroid nodules, then natural treatment methods might benefit you.  While there is no guarantee that following a natural treatment protocol will shrink thyroid nodules, there is a chance they might do this, and unless if you have an emergency situation then you have nothing to lose by giving natural treatment methods a try.